Distraction Of The Day: Complex Reminds Us That At One Time, Your Favorite Artist Was A Hater (Photo)


Hip Hop Wired

Hip Hop Wired

ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd often says, “think about it, before you hit publish.” Cowherd is usually referring to athletes and the many missteps that they make while using social media. What you out out there in the form of a tweet, post or status update will live forever in cyberspace.

Every month we see some public figure have to apology for something said online that took on a life of its own after you already forgot you posted it. Complex reminds us today how many of your favorite artist should live by the phrase, “think about it before you hit publish.”



Thanks to screenshots and favorites, Complex gathered together some tweets from some of your favorite artists. This isn’t the publications first time doing this, which should actually be the reason why artist “think before they hit publish.”



This time they capture Macklemore second thinking J.Cole’s ability to be a mainstream artist, Action Bronson’s distaste for this guy named A$AP Rocky, SZA thinking Beyoncé is becoming Madonna and ILoveMakkonen’s absolute distaste for Drake and everything his new boss stands for.

Granted, most of these tweets are from 2009-2011. Many of the artists mentioned like Isaiah Rashad were still fledgling artists at the time and didn’t think their words could really resonate.

While this isn’t on the level of the Sony leaks, don’t be shocked if some people take offense with what they seem no matter how old the tweet is. Remember how Nicki Minaj felt when an old Iggy Azalea post crossed her timeline.

Check out their full collection of tweets here


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