Meet The Suspects: Charlie Hebdo Gunmen Robbed Gas Station North Of Paris




Yesterday, many in the media watched shocked as three gunmen raided the office of French satire newspaper Charlie Hedbo, killing 12 people including 4 editors. The shooting was allegedly over the newspapers repeated portrayls of The prophet Muhammed.

One of the gunmen is in custody now after turning himself in later that day. The other two are on the run.

According to BBC:

The two main suspects in the Islamist attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris are said to have robbed a service station in the north of France.

Anti-terrorism police have converged on an area near Villers-Cotterets where the gunmen were reported by French media to have stolen food and petrol.

France has observed a minute’s silence for the 12 people killed at the office of the satirical magazine.

Earlier, a gunman shot dead a policewoman south of Paris and fled.

It is unclear if the attack in Montrouge, in which a second person was seriously injured, was linked to the Charlie Hebdo shooting, but French prosecutors say they are treating it as a “terrorist act”, AFP reports.

The manager of the service station that was robbed on the RN2 road, in the Aisne region, at about 10:30 (09:30 GMT) said the attackers fit the description of the two men, and were heavily armed with Kalashnikovs and rocket-propelled grenade launchers.

The two prime suspects, Cherif and Said Kouachi, are said to have driven off in the direction of Paris in a Renault Clio car, apparently the same vehicle hijacked in Paris soon after the Charlie Hebdo attack.

According to French commercial channel BFMTV, police are monitoring all of the main entry roads into the capital.

A third man who was initially sought handed himself in to police in the eastern city of Charleville-Meziere late on Wednesday. It is not yet clear if he is regarded as a suspect.




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