Distraction Of The Day: Iggy Azalea Wins People’s Choice Award….But They Called Her Igloo Australia




Last night music most unlikeable character Iggy Australia continued her winning streak. The “Fancy” rapper found herself accepting another award as she took home the People’s Choice award for “Favorite Hip-Hop Artist” for her album, New Classic.

That’s only part of the distraction though. Iggy, has been facing criticism for months now due to her oblivious feelings towards the protests in Ferguson and New York City. She’s also been accused of using hip-hop for a come up by fellow rappers Azalea Banks and Q-Tip. She’s even been used as lyrical fodder by the likes of Eminem and J. Cole.

Probably the biggest slap in the face came last night prior to her performance at the show last night.

Moments before announcing Iggy as the winner, presenters Dax Shepard and Monica Potter, who star on NBC’s Parenthood, listed off a series of rapper names in a section scripted by writers.
To prove her street cred, Potter rattled off a string of ‘rappers’ she loves, like Dr. Drew and ‘Igloo Australia’.

Yes, Igloo Australia. The name was actually created by Azealia Banks, but now it’s taken on a life of its own.

To her credit, Iggy shook off the comment and performed for her fans.

Sidenote: Even though Iggy won the award, Banks might of won the battle thanks to the fact that her flip of Iggy’s name has now become part of pop culture.



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