A Human Tooth, Raw Meat And More: McDonalds In Japan Are Having The Worst Week Ever (Photo)




McDonalds restaurants in Japan are having the type of week a person would have to make up!

Customers in several different cities, everyday of the week last week reported finding things like fish hooks and human teeth inside their meals. The now former customers took to Twitter to post pictures of the “food” they got.





McDonald’s Japan held a press conference to address the recent food scandals.

 2ch, the country’s largest internet forum, pointed out, McDonald’s Japan’s Canadian-born CEO, Sarah Casanova, was a no show, leaving the apologizing to other top execs. 

To be honest, we’ve seen plenty of reports about customers finding thing in their meals similar to the stories from Japan. Still, it would be good for McDonald’s to check on all that.

Source: Kotaku



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