Daily Distraction: Blue Ivy Turns 3-Years Old (Photo)


Huffington Post

Huffington Post

Today’s daily distraction shines the spotlight on a child whose worth more as a 3-year old, then most adults 20 times her age. Today is Blue Ivy’s birthday.

Yes, the offspring of Jay Z and Beyoncé turned 3-years old today. Think about it, 3 years ago people were debating whether or not she even had a child. Now those same people who doubted she actually gave birth, just talk about her hair.

Global Grind

Global Grind

In 3 years, baby Blue has served as a great distraction from such things as shootings of unarmed teenagers, changes in politics and wars across the globe. A simple snapshot of Blue would push most of those topics down the list of priorities. Don’t get it twisted, she is breaking news!

Happy birthday Blue. You’re simple presence on earth today gives people a reason to not see why else is going on the world. Like your mother and father, you have the gifted to capture the world’s attention in good ways and bad.


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