Will The N.R.A. Support This: Huey P. Newton Gun Club Patrols Dallas Neighborhoods




With the current climate between police and people of color getting worse by the day, it only makes sense that the people would start to take more control of their neighborhoods when it comes to serving and protecting.

If you take a stroll through South Dallas, you’ll see something different. While the Dallas Police Department still rides the blocks, the ones taking control of the safety of those who live in the area are in the hands of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club.

Charles Goodson, the gun club’s 31-year-old dreadlocked vegan co-founder, grew up less than a mile away. Both he and Darren X, the national field marshal of the New Black Panther Party, have been organizing around police-violence issues in Dallas for the past decade.

After the numerous incidents of police shooting and killing unarmed Black men, the group might be something that all neighborhoods might want to look into.

VICE spoke with the founders of the group recently. Check out their piece here


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