Distraction Of The Day: So Malia Obama Posts A Selfie Rocking A Pro-Era Shirt (Photo)


Huffington Post

Huffington Post

We decided to add something new to the site this week. After checking out some of the news, videos and pictures that become viral sensations, we thought we’d play along with the masses.

Since we try to deliver thought-provoking news stories, interviews and music you wouldn’t normally hear on your typical blog, we can admit that we often get distracted along with you guys with some of the nonsense that seems to capture people’s attention.

So while John Boehner deals with fighting from inside his party and everyday workers try to get minimum wages raised to a livable amount, this will probably be what most people talk about.

President Barack Obama’s eldest daughter Malia somehow posted a semi-sexy selfie. What’s The oddest part about this you say? She’s wearing a Pro Era shirt. Is it safe to say she’s a Joey Bada$$ fan?

The better question is how did this get out? Who the hell knows. I’m sure the White House is tight about what the Obama daughters do on social media and in life in general. Somehow, this puck slipped past the goalies. Was it North Korea in retaliation to the Internet shutdown in the country? Was it the New World Order? This case must get solved dammit!

Actually, Gawker did solve it. A member of Pro-Era received the photo from a mutual friend. Well, that’s that.

So, without further ado, here’s your daily distraction




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