St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar Speaks On The Shooting Of Antonio Martin (Video)


NY Daily News

NY Daily News

Hours into Christmas Eve, many woke up early in the morning for. Another round of calls for justice and protests in the streets over police brutality after news broke that another Black teen was shot dead by a police officer.

The story sounded very familiar. 18-year old African-American teen, Antonio Martin was shot and killed by a police officer. The scene, a gas station in Berkley Missouri.

Early reports differed on what happened that night thanks to the Huffington Post. As the hours ticked by and more news came out, both protestors and police were on edge. Fear of another riot in Missouri similar to what we seen just a few weeks back in Ferguson Missouri.

As the investigation into what happened that night begins, Jon Belmar, Police Chief of St. Louis County, held a press conference on Christmas Eve to address the shooting.

Belmar detailed how Martin was allegedly armed with a handgun which he pointed at the officer which led to him being shot and killed.

Watch video of his press conference courtesy of Vlad TV below


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