Home Of The Spite: “The Interview” Has Record Viewers Online And Theaters




Sony May have egg on its face after numerous emails found their way from the privacy of Sony computers to every blog on earth, but they look victorious right now, even it’s for a stupid reason.

The embattled film, “The Interview” minus the bad publicity, was doomed to be a box-office dud. The early reviews were terrible for the Seth Rogen and James Franco buddy flick. The movie about to two friends who are asked to assassinate¬†North Korea dictator Kim Jung Un looked like it was never going to hit theaters after numerous cyber threats allegedly from the North Korean government.

The film was set to hit theaters December 25th. Initially that idea was scrapped just a few days ago, but at some point Sony and the movies producers decided to go full speed ahead and premiered the flick online and in theaters.

Lucky for Sony, the U.S. is ripe with people who will stand for a stupid cause. “Supporters” of the 1st amendment came out in droves online and in person to see the movie and give a finger to whoever said we shouldn’t be watching it.

Despite only showing in 331 theaters, they are predicted to bring in about $1 million dollars in ticket sales.

That’s not including the online popularity the film found.

The film was also released on YouTube, Google Play and Microsoft Xbox Video.

It is also the top of YouTube’s “Popular Right Now” list.

Not sure if this is a win for free speech or a display of spite on a level I’ve never seen before. Either way, “Go Murica”

Source: UPI



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