St. Louis Prosecutor Bob McCullough Admits To Presenting False Evidence To The Grand Jury (Video)


AP/Think Progress

AP/Think Progress

As people continue to protest across the globe over the handling of the shooting death of Missouri teenager Mike Brown at the hands of former officer Darren Wilson.

Now, an admission by the prosecutor who oversaw the trial of Wilson might force a re-start.

As we reported previously, the Smoking Gun broke news that a woman with known a mental illness and history of fabricating stories was used as a star witness in Wilson’s defense. Prosecutor Bob McCullough admitted that he presented evidence he knew to be false in a interview with KTRS this past Friday.

McCulloch said that he decided to present witnesses that were “clearly not telling the truth” to the grand jury. Specifically, McCulloch acknowledged he permitted a woman who “clearly wasn’t present when this occurred” to testify as an eyewitness to the grand jury for several hours. The woman, Sandra McElroy, testified that Michael Brown charged at Wilson “like a football player, head down,” supporting Wilson’s claim that he killed Brown in self-defense.

McElroy, according to a detailed investigation by The Smoking Gun, suffers from bipolar disorder but is not receiving treatment and has a history of making racist remarks.

In a journal entry, McElroy wrote that she was visiting Ferguson on the day of Michael Brown’s death because she wanted to “stop calling Blacks N****** and Start calling them people.” McElroy also has had trouble with her memory since being thrown through a windshield in a 2001 auto accident.

Think Progress put it best:

McCulloch justified his actions by asserting that the grand jury gave no credence at all to McElroy’s testimony. But this is speculation. Under Missouri law, the grand jury deliberations are secret and McCulloch is not allowed to be present.

A Missouri lawmaker, Karla May, called Friday for a legislative investigation of McCulloch’s conduct. May said that there is evidence to suggest that McCulloch “manipulated the grand jury process from the beginning to ensure that Officer Wilson would not be indicted.”

You can hear McCullough’s interview below

Source: Think Progress 


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