Maino Has A Tough Message For Former Inmates (Video)




Brooklyn emcee Maino knows what he’s talking about when he talks about incarceration. He should know. The rapper, real name Jermaine Coleman spent 10-years of his life behind bars for kidnapping at the age of 17.

Since being released, Maino has spent his time on the streets carving out a nice career for himself as a rapper.

The controversial rapper is know passing his knowledge down to others with his new book. The untitled project is still in the works, but he took the time out to speak with about the premise.

The book that I wrote is not so much about me and my life but an inspirational book,” he told

It’s made for people that’s either just got out of prison or about to get out of prison. My thing was nobody’s giving these dudes the real story and real talk about re-entering society. And who else can give it to them but a dude who has lived that. Coming home, being on parole, get locked up again, violated, coming back home on parole and dealing with those struggles. That is a struggle that most people in the free world don’t go through. So it’s my philosophies, my advice, my stories to help try to touch some of these men putting themselves in this situation. In order for us to be successful coming from these streets, we have to be successful at being free.”

You can watch a video clip of Maino speaking about his up-coming book here



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