“Don’t Listen To The Haters”: Nelly Puts His Cape On For Iggy Azalea


Vlad TV

Vlad TV

How can I be Iggy Azalea? Real question, because I often say stuff that can be viewed as idiotic  to others, but no one comes to my rescue like she gets.

The social oblivious pop-hop star has been saved like a damsel in distress from having to deal with any criticism about her music, her faux southern accent or anything remotely controversial. Normally, her knight in shining armor is her boss an T.I. Tip gets a super-hero break today as Nelly runs into the phone booth to change clothes and come to her aid.

Ironically, Nelly is in Australia to aid those who were held hostage in last weeks attack in Syndey spoke about Iggy and the criticism she’s had to unfortunately deal with as of late.

“Iggy’s my girl and Em is a great artist,” he said. “Listen, if you are big enough that Eminem is talking about you … he is mentioning your name …[Iggy] has always been cool with [me.] I was there when she was getting started and starting her recordings and stuff.”

He will return to Sydney next year during his tour with B.o.B and Lupe Fiasco.

Starangely, he’s been quiet about the multiple deaths that have occurred in his own state.

Source: Vlad TV


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