Anonymous Denies Threatening Iggy Azalea


This past weekend, the normally tweet happy pop-hop artist Iggy Azalea was silent on her social media accounts after being attacked online by artists Azealia Banks and Q-Tip. While she might’ve of been nervous to respond to those two directly, she might’ve really been spooked when she found out that international hackers Anonymous threatened to leak stills from her alleged sex tape if she didn’t apologize to Azealia Banks.

Anonymous took time to let fans of their work know that they were not the ones who threatened Iggy. reports that the group who approached Iggy was a fake account.

Per Hackread:

While talking to @YourAnonNews, @AnonReport and @YourAnonCentral we were told that these threats are “not part of our hive, we are too busy with #OpDeathEaters.

@YourAnonCentral went further and added:

“Yes we official deny that Anonymous is threatening Iggy Azalea, we have more important and relevant issues to tackle than some pop star.”

@TheAnonMessage is the same Twitter account who was claiming to leak photo of police officer who shot Mike Brown, but what it really leaked was fake information including name and picture which had nothing to do with actual police officer Darren Wilson.



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