“Is 911 A Joke In Your Town Too?”: Social Media Gets Their Best Questions Ready For #AskACop (Photo)

Office Friendly out chea

Office Friendly out chea

CNN, does try to make peace. The news station might not be good at doing it, but dammit, they do try.

Their most recent attempt to seem like the bridge over troubled waters between the people and the police was to create a hashtag that could only be dreamed up by BET.

#AskACop was used to get those online involved with a CNN Special called “Cops Under Fire” that airs tonight. Police officers from across the country along with the prosecutor in the Darren Wilson case are all lined up to speak about the good cops out there.

Needless to say, their attempt to play with nice with Liberal and Black Twitter crashed and failed in an epic manor. People lined up and typed away their best questions for CNN.

These are some of the best I’ve found

No way the didn’t expect what happened next. Check out some of the best questions below

And they just keep coming like this. Check out #AskACop on social media if you want a good laugh


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