Coogi Down To The Socks: Etonic + Coogi Working On A Collab Shoe (Photo)




A 90’s kid like myself know all about the Etonic brand. A good part of my childhood was watching the kids I admired switch out pairs of Etonic’s to match their outfit for the day.

Etonic was that wave for a while. Their making good strides towards gaining back their niche audience.

A collaboration project with Barney’s Of New York and the re-release of the Akeem Ojajuwon signature hi-tops, many are remembering an easier time in life when all they had to think of what shoes would go best with my fit for the day.

The brand is breaking out a new speciality shoe for Coogi fans.

Etonic is coming out with a Coogi sneaker collaboration. Both brands are reaching out to a fan base who remembers when they were popular amongst an urban demographic and have disposable income to want to purchase those memories.

You can get an early preview of the kicks on their website.

No word on a release date yet



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