Killa Season: Top 5 Cam’ron Albums Of All-Time (Video)




Fans of Harlem’s own Cam’ron were met with some bad news this morning.

Killa Cam announced that he will be releasing his last album in 2015. Now, that’s not to mean he’ll only release one album in the new year. No, this means that his next album will be his last album.

Taking to Instagram, Cam let fans know that his up-coming project, Purple Haze 2 will be his last album, period.

For someone like myself who’s been a fan of Cam since I first heard him on a Dj Clue tape back in high school, it’s a major news item. Cam brought to the game new rap styles and introduced us to new fashion styles. He brought us a former hypeman turned frontman Jim Jones. He gave us Juelz Santana and of course, he was the captain of one of musics greatest collectives, the Dip Set.

Cam’s presence will be missed. To help curb our sadness some, the good folks over at and compiled a list of our 5 favorite Cam’ron albums. Check out our 5 below


5. Confessions of Fire


This was Cam’s first album as the newest member to Lance “Un” Rivera and Notorious B.IG’s Undeas imprint. There was a lot expected of Cam at the time. He was part of a new breed of NYC emcees that included Big Pun, Nature and N.O.R.E. He was also part of a new Hispanic wave a rappers who we’re flexing their bars on the rap world.

The album was met with weak reviews from The Source, but the streets took to it thanks to the single, “Horse & Carriage” featuring Ma$e.

While it didn’t net multi-platinum record sales, it introduced the world to a capable emcee who just needed time to develop who he was.

4. Purple Haze


This was Cam’s last solo LP as part of Roc-A-Fella. Cam joined the Roc as a slew of new acts like M.O.P joined the house that Jay built.

Purple Haze was underwhelming, but that was just because it came behind his stellar Come Home With Me disc. Purple Haze gave us collaborations like, “Touch it Or Not” featuring Lil Wayne and one of my favorite Cam’ron tracks ever, “Get Em Girl.”

3. Crime Pays


Released in 2009, this album was a return to the Cam that the streets came to love. Before the release of this project, Cam was in the mix of breaking up the Dipset. He was working with new names and producers for the most part. Working with newbies must’ve brought back the anger and “who the fuck are you talking to” vibe that Cam’s music gave you with his first few LP’s.

Crime Pays didn’t produce any radio worthy singles really, but what it did was make you feel like the Ghost of Dipset was still haunting Killa.

2. Sports Drugs & Entertainment


I’d actually argue that S.D.E is track-for-track better than the number 1 album. S.D.E was Cam’s follow-up to Confessions of Fire. Fresh off the terrible reviews for his first album, Cam kept it very much street with his 2nd disc.

I mean from beginning to end, this album it total innovation. Tracks like “Where I’m From” featuring Dutch & Spade features arguably Cam’s best verse ever show that Cam can be a lyrical beast when he wants. Pop tracks like, “What Means The World To You” showed he can make a hit. Street bangers like, “Let Me Know” showed that Cam fears no rapper, Ma$e and Jay Z included. Remember it was Cam who asked, “when the fuck we start bouncing?”

S.D.E.was an amazing, slept on projects. But really, it was set-up for his best work to date.

1. Come Home With Me


To date, Cam’s only platinum album. This was Killa’s first album since signing with Roc-A-Fella. Working with Heatmakerz, Kanye West and Just Blaze, Cam gave us his best collection of music. At the time, I actually worked at Onstar so when Cam name dropped the car service on his intro, I was amped.

The rest of the album kept up that energy for me. “Losing Weight” featuring Prodigy, “The R.O.C.” featuring Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel, and “Leave Me Alone” kept Cam’s name jumping in the streets. “Hey Ma,” and “Oh Boy” brought him the most radio love he’s ever gotten.

Come Home With Me was hands down Cam’s best complete work.

Cam will be missed musically. A world without Cam is a lot less colorful.



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