Pick A Better Country?: Transparency.org Lists The Worlds Most Corrupt Countries

World map

Often you’ll hear throughout the day how many people hate living in the United States of America.

While you can clearly see the major warts that are on the face of the U.S.A., as crazy it is to say, it’s one of the better options amongst a group of really bad options.

Transparency.org took on the challenge head on and complied a list of the worlds most corrupt countries.

Denmark tops the list with New Zealand coming in at #2 as least corrupt. It’s the bottom of the list when it gets disturbing.

Countries like Somalia, North Korea and Sudan, North and South land close to the bottom as some of the most corrupt governments in the world.

Read the full list here. And if you are ready to head out of the U.S., make sure you get a passport. Can’t go no where without that.

Source: NPR


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