Wife And Daughter Of ISIS Leader Detained By Lebanese Officials





The U.S. got a small piece of good news today.

According to the BBC, the wife and daughter of the leader of terror group ISIS Abu Bakar al-Baghdadi was found and detained in Lebabnon. It’s rumored that they’re using their capture to negotiate the release of 20 inmates.

The two were reportedly arrested more than a week ago as they tried to cross into Lebanon from Syria; the wife is being held for questioning at the Lebanese defense ministry.

There are conflicting reports as whether the child is al-Baghdadi’s son or daughter: The New York Times and the BBC claim the former; Reuters, citing a DNA test of the child, claim the latter.

Reuters also identifies the woman as Saja al-Dulaimi, an Iraqi citizen who was apparently released from a Syrian prison with more than 100 other women in March in exchange for the release of 13 nuns kidnapped by militants connected to al Qaeda.

The BBC speculates the two might be used by Lebanese authorities to negotiate the release of more than 20 soldiers captured by ISIS in August—three have reportedly been killed.

Source: AP






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