Happy Birthday Marcus Garvey (Video)


On August 17th 1887 a revolutionary voice was born.

Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. came into this world, the youngest of 11 children in Saint Anns Bay Jamaica.

Garvey would go on to be one of the prominent voices in the Black community. His push to have all Blacks in America to leave on a boat and head to Africa, ridding ourselves of the tyranny and injustice that they faced daily in the States.

The Black Star Line was founded by Garvey and supported by many Blacks who bought stock in the company. Garvey inspired many Black voices for change to this day.

NotesfromtheundergroundTV would like to wish Garvey a happy birthday.

To learn more about Garvey and his impact on Black America, start here And check out a documentary made about his life and times below


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