Meet Arabic Hip-Hop’s First Lady: Shadia Mansour (@ShadiaMansour) (Video)


Veteran hip-hop journalist Davey D has taken on the task of compiling 500 Female Emcees. Showing love to female emcees, he casts a spotlight on some known and an unknown acts.

Todays featured artist is Shadia Mansour. The British born, Palestinan is the self-proclaimed touches on topics like war and poverty that has ravaged her homeland of Palenstein.

Her first single, “Al Kufiya Arabiya” (The Kufiya is Arab), featured M-1 of the group dead prez.

She uses the track to emphasize the kufiya’s role as a symbol of Arab nationalism. The song was written when Mansour discovered an American made blue-and-white colored Arab scarf with Stars of David on it. Mansour introduced her song on stage in New York: “You can take my falafel and hummus, but don’t fucking touch my keffiyeh”.

Check out the video for the track below and follow Davey D’s 500 Female Emcees series here


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