Vintage Memorabilia: VICE Takes A Look At The Golden Age Of Clothing & Fashion Photography (Photo)



I’ll admit, I’ve seen a ton of classic pornography. As I kid, searching around my house one time, I stumbled onto a stash of what is now considered vintage pornography. Afro’s, Jew-fro’s, matter of fact, hair everywhere. 70’s porn was something both gross and artistic all at the same time. Today’s glitz and gloss can’t compare to the grainy 8mm shots and the feel that you’re viewing something filmed in a basement by people who could be your neighbors.

Today, porn is a multi-billion dollar industry. It’s blossomed into more that just films and cheap magazines. Clothing lines were created based off some of the off of  70’s skin flicks. Milt Abdjourian’s bold, single-minded dedication to fabric, attire, and hyper-specialized contextual perversion lives on in dozens of colorful titles and still-provocative covers.

Check out some of Abdjourian’s work below



Source: VICE 


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