Flyer Than You: Remember Buddy Esquire And His Contribution To Hip-Hop (Video)


Earlier this month, hip-hop lost a major figure. While not a household name like Grandmaster Flash, Buddy Esquire was responsible for helping bring out the crowds of fans to support a culture that would go on to be called Hip-hop.

Esquire designed many of the flyers that promoted the parties and concerts for some of the early acts. His death brought out many hip-hop luminaries who came to pay respect to man who used his artist talents to help turn a fledging genre into multi-billion dollar monster.


NPR Code Switch ran a great piece and his life and his work. Read it here. Check out a documentary called DEFinition: The Are and Design of Hip-Hop, is the first comprehensive anthology published in the name of the genre during the last thirty-five years. Compiled by legendary hip-hop designer Cey Adams, DEFinition: The Art and Design of Hip-Hop takes a look at some of the great designers like Esquire and others.


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