Race Debate Ignites Over Michael B Jordan Cast as “Human Torch”


We all know that comic book fans are sticklers for accuracy. If they see a character with one blue streak on the right side of their head, then dammit, when they see the movie that streak better be where they remember it. So it’s not a shock that fans of the Fantastic 4 are upset at the recent casting decsion.

News broke today, February 20th, that the young rising Black actor, Michael B. Jordan, was cast for the role of the Human Torch, and you can already imagine that the news didn’t sit well with die-hard comic book fans.

The character of the Human Torch or Johnny Storm, has always been viewed portrayed as an athletic young White man. In 2014 those involved with the production and casting of the film decided to switch things up a bit and give the role to a talented young Black actor.  Many fans were outraged, with one going so far as to actually compare Jordan being cast as the Human Torch to a White actor being cast to play the role of Malcolm X.

So fans of the comic, how do you feel about the casting of Jordan for the role of the Human Torch?

Source: bossip.com


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