University Of Missouri Is Offering A Class On Jay Z And Kanye West


If you’re an underclassmen at the University of Missouri and looking for an easy few credits, you might want to see if you could get a seat in this class.

The University of Missouri is offering a college course on Jay Z and Kanye West that focuses on

1.Where do they fit within, and how do they change, the history of hip-hop music?

2.How is what they do similar to and different from what poets do?

3. How does their rise to both celebrity and corporate power alter what we understand as the American dream?”

According to XXL

The creator of the class spoke with CoS, to discuss English 2169′s overall academic aim: “I really do think that these guys are warming up to the level of major poets, and not many people think of it in those terms. Because it’s not just on a page, but it’s video art, too. So, we looked at how those complicated the questions, and how do books about poetry help us to understand rap with Jay and Kanye at the forefront. We looked at the larger history of rap as an art form. Specifically, how, especially with Blueprint 3 and Yeezus, there’s an identifiable push to get beyond what’s happening in the art form. They’re very much like painters and novelists in the 20th century, moving beyond the confines of the art form’s boundaries.”

Source: Eben Gregory


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