Re-Cap: Hip Hop Town Hall Meeting (Video)


Last night, the Atlanta hip-hop scene gathered at the Omen Agency to discuss issues that effect the hip-hop community. Artists like Sy Ari Da Kid, Big Rec, Mic Barz stood next to Dj’s, journalists and radio personalities as topics like radio play and promotion to unemployment were addressed.

Hosted by Renee the G and Fort Knox, the event showed that the Atlanta hip-hop community are concerned with more than what club to hit.

One of the names in attendance, Dres the Beatnik dropped some knowledge on the crowd about how working together can benefit everyone here


Social media was buzzing as event goers shared what they were learning online
— Africa Allah (@DIRadioCast) January 23, 2014

Overall, the night was not just informative for those who came out, but it was also a great chance to network and get to know people who you wouldn’t have met before unless if was Twitter or Instagram.

Great job by Renee and the Omen Agency.


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