Making Of The Brand: @DocciaApparel Co-Founder Tells Us Why His Clothing Line Is The Future (Photo)


This week’s Making Of The Brand takes a look at UK clothing line Doccia Apparel. The 2-year old line has already made strides in their country, and now their ready to take their talents across the pond.

NFTUTV had the chance to speak with Doccia Apparel co-founder Mekz Oparah about what made him start the line, what separates them from the pack of other designers and what we can look forward to in the future from Doccia.

NFTUTV: What got you into clothing design?
Mekz Oparah: We have always been interested in fashion especially high street fashion and street wear. Doccia Apparel was our plan to fuse these two genre’s together and produce a clothing line that you could dress up for a night out maybe, or wear just as an everyday outfit.
NFTUTV: The name is real unique. How did you come up with it and what does it mean?
Mekz Oparah: We wanted a name to match the vision. Nothing too street wear sounding but nothing to fancy. Our interpretation of Doccia Apparel is something that is fresh, new and clean and we also makes sure this is shown in our garments.
NFTUTV: What are your favorite pieces?
Mekz Oparah: From this collection our favourite pieces are the Doccia Gang Jersey T-shirt, a commemorative piece for all our customers, supporters, fans and those we work with and the Script Pullover hoodie, which is a bold statement piece whilst the rest of our garments are very subtle in design.ief
NFTUTV: What are you working on for spring?
Mekz Oparah: We can’t say much because it’s a secret! Early designs are looking very bright, colourful and warm. We just hope we get the weather in the UK to match it!
NFTUTV: What’s the lines signature piece and what makes it stand out?
Mekz Oparah: Our Classic Hoodie’s are our signature pieces. They are now newly fitted with embroidered badges for the logo. to improve it for our customers. Apart from that our real signature is our flock prints on our garments.
NFTUTV: Are there any designers or lines that inspired you?
Mekz Oparah: Can honestly say no. We are aware of the other brilliant brands that surround us and that we compete against but we are just making sure we focus on ourselves and what we wish to accomplish. Our inspiration comes from within.
NFTUTV: What are you most proud of when it comes to your line?
Mekz Oparah: We are just proud of our achievements and acknowledgements that we have obtained since we started. Also, staying relevant in such a competitive market, especially in London. We only wish for this to continue and our brand to become stronger.
Check out Doccia Apparel online at Follow them on Twitter @DocciaApparel
and Instagram @DocciaApparel

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