What’s Wrong With This Picture: Grocery Store Uses Wrong Photo In Ad For HBCU Students (Photo)


I’m sure Howard students caught what was wrong with this picture quick. A local Washington D.C. grocery store created an ad that was supposed to target students of the legendary HBCU. Their campaign went left when they realized that they used the wrong picture for the ad. Instead of using an African-American woman, the used a White woman. They didn’t realize their mistake until the ad went to print.

It turned out however, that the folks at Giant used the wrong stock image when making the flyer and issued an apology. “Unfortunately an incorrect stock photo was used in the ad and we apologize for this oversight,” Jamie Miller, spokesman for Giant, told WTOP in an email. “We wish all Howard University students a successful semester.”

 Despite the apology, Howard and fellow HBCU students took to twitter and Facebook to voice their anger about the picture.
Check out some of the tweets here

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