Making Of The Brand: Get Hi!p Society Clothing (@GetHiipSociety) (Photo)


Clothing line, Get H!p Clothing Society  didn’t come to reality until a few compliments forced their founders to make it one.

Get Hi!p Society Clothing got started in 2011 away at college Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne Indiana by Melly Conner and Mike Hodges. A student at the time, he had no idea that the his personal fashion style would turn into a business.
“Me and my homeboy were walking around campus and people would come up to us and comment on the stuff we wore. Some of the students around campus would comment, “that’s fresh, where you get it at,'” said Melly.
“Me and my home boy Mike would tell them we just put stuff together. So then we thought to ourselves we should start our own clothing line.”
After running through a few possible names, they settled on Get H!p Society Clothing.
“Me and Mike thought of the name “Get Hi!p.” So then we were like Get Hi!p we need another part to the name. So then I kept saying Get Hi!p in my head then the word Society popped up in my head and I told my homeboy what about the name “Get Hi!p Society” and he was like yo that’s it! So that’s what we stuck with.”
Get H!p Clothing Society has an array of cutting edge designs. From tshirts to hoodies and beanies, the line hopes to see itself on store shelves next to Pink Dolphin and Johnny Cupcakes.
Check out a few of their pieces below. Head to their tumblr page to see more

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