Food Meets Hip-Hop: Richmond VA Restaurant Saison Offers Customers The Big Pun Hip Hop Dinner 6-Course Meal (Photo)


Hip-hop and the world of fine dining meet at Saison restaurant in Virginia. They have a new item on the menu. In honor of their 1 year anniversary, foodies and hip-hop heads can come in and order a six-course hip-hop inspired meal.

According to co-owner Jay Bayer, the dinner is “one part rad paired six course dinner and one part whimsical hip hop puns … think Eminempanadas, Old Dirty Custard, Wu Tang Clams, Tupac Choy, RaKimchi, The Rootsabaga… You get the idea.”

Called the  “Big Pun Hip Hop Dinner,”  each course will be paired with a soundtrack.

Saison resturant

Tickets are $45 and include tax, gratuity and beverage pairings with each course. Tickets can be purchased here or at the restaurant.

Check out the menu:


Mobb Deep Fried RaekWonTons- Head Cheese stuffed Chicken Cracklins, Curly Celery Salad

1st Course

Talib Quail Egg and RaKimChi- Slow Poached Egg, Guajillo Chile Kimchi Bird’s Nest

2nd Course

WuTang Clams, Danny Brown Butter- Lil (Protect Ya) Neck Clams, Cheddar C.R.E.A.M., Brown Butter

3rd Course

Outcassoulet with the Black Eyed Peas and Kendrick LaMerguez- Black Eyed Pea Cassoulet, Merguez Sausage

4th Course

Dr Braised Too $hort Rib Eminempanada- Dr Pepper Braise, Beef Short Rib, Empanada

5th Course

Notorious PIG and 2PacChoy- West Coast vs East Coast- Pork Bulgogi and pickled Bok Choy, Carolina Pork BBQ with Bok Choy Slaw

6th Course

Gang Starr Anise, Old Dirty Custard Ice Cream, Cream Puff Daddy, Blackberry Coulis-O- Star Anise Dark Chocolate Custard Ice Cream,  Profiterole, Blackberry Coulis

Source: Richmond


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