For The Bible Tells Me So: Texas Oil Man Commanded By The Bible Drills In Israel

John Brown

The Bible has been the reason why many people over time have felt the need to pursue action. Sometimes those actions seem right, other times those actions seem very, very wrong (ie. defense of slavery in America)

Texas oil man John Brown feels like the bible has been telling him to move into Israel and take advantage of the oil that they country can produce and he’s not one to go against God.

Zion Oil & Gas, based in Dallas, is a publicly traded company that believes it is commanded by the Bible to search for oil in Israel, both to help the Holy Land and make money for investors. The 22 employees of Zion Oil in Texas and Israel, and many of its 30,000 investors, believe the company is on a mission from God.

Read more about his mission here

Source: NPR


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