Hip Hop Gives Back: Dj Knotts (@DJKNOTTS) Found A Way To Feed Families This Thanksgiving

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The holidays normally bring out a spirit of giving in people. So when Dj Knotts saw families who needed assistance buying food and necessitates for the Thanksgiving holiday, he didn’t hesitate to find a way to help.

Teaming up with Big REC and #RHHIB, Knotts was able to help feed a family and give help to others in the community this Thanksgiving.

Don’t take my word for it. Read Dj Knotts as he takes you through the process of providing a family with a meal for Thanksgiving and why it meant so much to him.


NFTUTV: Explain to me how you met the family that you decided to feed for Thanksgiving.

Dj Knotts: The idea came from a conversation I had with Big REC of #RHHIB and our two organizations, Hip Hop Gives Back & Real Hip Hop Is Back working together to give back this Thanksgiving.  We initially agreed to do the canned food drive but wanted to do more than that.  I had the idea to feed a family for Thanksgiving because we could directly impact and help a family to help them have a memorable holiday.  Rec was definitely with it, so I reached out to Angie Griffin with Angel of Love Events.  Angie is a great friend of mine and supporter/positive consigliere to Hip Hop Gives Back.  She reached out to the Director of Thomasville Boys & Girls Club, Mr Josh Dickerson, whom I spoke with and let him know what we were trying to do and he introduced me to Ms. Tanika Choates.


NFTUTV: Speak to me about the Choates. Who are they?
Dj Knotts: Ms. Choates and her husband have five children and are also taking care of her sister’s five kids as she is currently in narcotic rehabilitation.  They are caring for all ten children, 9 girls and 1 boy while Ms. Choates husband is the only one currently employed.  They recently had to move due to her loss of job as well.  At the time DFACS said her sister’s children would most likely have to be split up but she stepped up to take them all in to keep them together.  The kids’ father is currently not in the picture so that wasn’t an option for them.  Once I heard about what they were going through I knew we had to do something to assist.  The kids currently go to the Thomasville Boys & Girls club which is how Mr Dickerson came to know the Woodard family.
The family is also in need of assistance with shoes and clothing for the children as well, so we plan to reach out to some other organizations to assist in those departments as well.
Once we announced what we were doing at the A2Bay show the outpouring of support from the crowd was immediate and appreciated as people from the audience started lining up to donate funds and sign up to volunteer when we go to deliver and help serve the food on Wednesday, Nov. 27th the day before Thanksgiving.  Together, we collected almost $200 at the event and hopefully will be able to take donations this Friday at Bar Exam in case anyone else wants to contribute.  The Hip Hop community definitely stood up to help complete strangers and is another example of how Hip Hop Gives Back!
If you want to help, head over to hiphopgivesback.com and hiphopgivesback.org

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