Frat’s “Colonial Bros And Nava-Hoes” Party Was Thanksgiving-Inspired

Karlie Kloss

A California frat is in hot water over their “Colonia Bros and Nava-Hoes” party.

The students of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo came up with party. They claim that it wasn’t supposed to be offensive and that it was actually “Thanksgiving inspired.”

The school doesn’t agree. They are now under investigation for “culturally insensitive, sexist, and offensive behavior”—or, as the natives called it, “thoughtcrime”:

“Personally, I don’t think it was meant to be racist,” said a Cal Poly student and fraternity member named Daniel, who declined to provide his last name. Daniel, who said his fraternity was not associated with the party, said Greek life involves a lot of “guy-and-girl”-themed parties. Although he could not confirm what the party was called, he said it was meant to fit with Thanksgiving.

“It’s unfair,” he said. “We are taught that Thanksgiving is Pilgrims and Indians.”

Critics—like Kirsten Lindquist, the head of U of Alberta’s Native Studies Student Association don’t see this as just a misunderstanding.

“There are 500 missing and murdered aboriginal women and some think it’s okay for someone to come up with a name they think is clever—’Nava-hoes’—and that’s seriously not okay,” she told the CBC after the Dekes’ party—or, as we call it, a solemn commemoration.

Source: Gawker


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