See How Food Stamp Cuts Are Hitting Across The U.S. (Photo)



Amounts of money that people who receive food stamps have been cut thanks to issues going on the government and their lack of passing a new budget.

While the amounts that were cut seem small, you have to look at it from a bigger picture to get what’s going on.

Look at Oregon. 21 percent of Oregon’s population – that’s one out of every five residents – relies on food stamps to get by. And like many people across the country, these Oregon families who have come to rely on federal food assistance program for meals are learning to make do with less as of this month.

Stateline’s map shows how cold, hard numbers can also serve to humanize the problem. For instance, as the map shows, in Oregon, 304,000 kids and 159,000 elderly people and those with disabilities have seen their benefits cut.

Another fact that jumps out when looking at the map: While Republicans have led the call to slash the SNAP program in the House, many of the states whose residents are most reliant on food stamps are reliably Republican and located in the GOP’s Southern heartland. About 20 percent of the population in Tennessee, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Kentucky, and South Carolina, for instance, receive benefits from the federal food assistance program.

Source: NPR


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