Que Pasa Holmes: Kap G (@TheRealKapG) Talks “Jose Got Them Tacos,” Being A Mexican-American Rapper And More (Video)

Kap G

Thanks to the construction boom that came about before and after the Olympics came to Atlanta, the city and the south overall quickly became integrated with Mexican-Americans. Many came to the country with hopes of a better quality of life for them and their children.

As their children grew, it’s no shock than many Mexican-American’s became fans of American pop culture, especially hip-hop. Outside of Los Angeles, you don’t hear of many Mexican-American emcees. There’s one in Atlanta who has the potential to change all that.

Southside Atlanta’s own Kap G has found a way to blend his Mexican-American culture with his longtime love affair with hip-hop. His first hit, “Tatted Like A Migo” put him on people’s radar. A deal with Atlantic records would come soon after that.

Sky’s the Limit for Kap right now. His mixtape, “Like A Mexican” is set to be released in 2014,while his current hit, “Jose Got Them Tacos” grew so fast that it attracted another Trap rap star. Before his set at The Session 1-Year Anniversary show, he spoke about his heritage, his music and more.

Kap g2

NFTUTV: How did you get into rap?

Kap G: Probably about 5 years ago. I was at my partners’ apartment. We just started rapping. He started a studio and we wnt from there.

NFTUTV: Describe your style for those who haven’t heard you yet.

Kap G: I’m just coming from the Southside. I’m Mexican-American. I’m just showing 2 cultures. The side where I’m growing up in a Mexican household and the side where I hang out with my American homies, my Black homies.

NFTUTV: You’re current record, “Jose Got Them Tacos” caught on fast! How did you come up with that record and how did you get Jeezy for the remix?

Kap g3

Kap G: “Jose Got Them Tacos” is just a story you know. I like story telling. I did the same with “Mexico Momma Came From.” That was me just telling the story of my mom and how she moved to College Park. When you that video, you get to see the culture and my coming up and everything.

Jeezy is the homie. He heard the track (“Jose Got Them Tacos“) and he just jumped on it. I appreciated him for that.

NFTUTV: I know you’ve signed with Atlantic. How did they come to find out about you?

Kap G: I dropped that “Tatted Like A Migo” and I put it on Worldstar. People were juts hitting me up after that. The homie KP reached out to me after he heard it. He signed me to Atlantic.

NFTUTV: Somebody told me you used to play basketball. What happened to your hoop dreams?

Kap G: I was short back then. I’m kinda tall now, I’m about 6 feet but, back then I was little. It didn’t work out so I was like, “I got to do this music and make that happen.” I’m still a hoops fan though.

NFTUTV: What are you working on now?

Kap G: I’m about to drop that mixtape, “Like A Mexican.” Just shot the video for “Tatted Like A Migo” remix with Wiz Khalifa and Kirko Bangz. I’m just working. You’re going to hear a lot from me soon.

NFTUTV: What’s more important for you, to be known as a Mexican-American rapper or just a good rapper?

Kap G: I want to be known as both. At the end of the day that’s just me as a person. I just want to open doors for my Mexican people.


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