Stalley (@Stalley) Speaks About Touring With Lupe, Kyrie Irving, Major Label Debut And More (Interivew)


MMG’s resident Honest Cowboy, Stalley was in Atlanta this past weekend. Part of Lupe Fiasco’s Tetsou and Young Teens tour, Stalley was in town to meet his fans and rock the crowd.

While in the city, he held a meet and greet at Fly Kix. NFTUTV had the chance to speak with Stalley about touring with Lupe, his soon to be released major label debut, the greatness of Kyrie Irving, Nispey Hussle and more.

Read his full interview below

NFTUTV: What has you down in Atlanta

Stalley: Right now, we’re going to be at Center Stage kicking off the Tetsou and Youth tour me and Lupe Fiasco. It’s the first day of the tour and what better way to turn up than to hit the ATL

NFTUTV: How did you get with Lupe to join this tour?

Stalley: He reached out and was wanting me to be apart of it. It was a blessing, I’m a big fan of Lu, always been a fan of him. To be able to share the stage with him for so many nights on this tour is a dope experience.


NFTUTV: So what are you working on right now?

Stalley: Right we got the ““Honest Cowboy”” album out. Then we got the album. We’re working on the album right now, so during the whole tour I’ll be on the bus working and writing.

NFTUTV: So we’re finally going to get a full length debut album from you.

Stalley: Finally. It’s been a long journey. I’m three mixtapes deep into it right now, but yeah, I’m excited. I’m getting it right. So we’re looking at Spring of next year.

NFTUTV: Can you speak about any producers you got on the album or any guest spots?

Stalley: Right now, I’m working with some of my usual suspects. I got Shad, Cardo, Dj Quick, The Block Beaterz, Soundtrak. As far as the features, we’re going to leave that up till later.


NFTUTV: Cat’s like Jay, Kanye and Nipsey Hussle have kinda changed the paradigm of how artist sell music. How are you thinking about when it comes to your project? Has it changed how you think about marketing it?

Stalley: I’m just trying to me and be as creative as possible. I love what all of them are doing, and I love the constant evolution of the music. I salute them guys. Maybe some mastermind plan will come when I put out the album. Right now, we’ll focus on the music and leave it at that and let that do all the promoting for me.

NFUTV: Lets talk some hoops right now. Cleveland looking good right now

Stalley: (laughs) We’re looking alright right now.

NFTUTV: How you feel about the team, you guys got a little squad this year.

Stalley: I’m excited. Bynum, we have to keep those knees together. I think we can be good and get back in the playoffs. I’m a fan of Kyrie, Dion. We got a solid team right now. I think Lebron will come back. Who knows (laughs) I’m just going to put that in the air and let that positive energy sit out there. I’m definitely positive about the team.

NFTUTV: Lebron has been gone, but you have Kyrie right now. Has he brought some energy back to the city and the state?

Stalley: He’s young, exciting and he can play. That’s what we’ve been missing since Bron left out. It really hurt the city, but I feel like he’s bringing it back. He’s uplifting, the energy is alive and he’s fast paced and we all love to watch a fast paced game. I’m excited for what he’s doing.

Download Stalleys “Honest Cowboy” mixtape here


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