Top Fashion Designers Don Blackface for Halloween Party (Photo)


Halloween costumes are fun and a great way to express yourself, but why isn’t it clear by now, in 20-freakin-13, that donning blackface is never okay? That’s exactly what a handful of fashion designers did at a party in Milan over the weekend.

The Italian city and world fashion hub played host to its annual “Halloweek” costume party Saturday, Oct. 26, and this year’s theme was “Disco Africa.” Most folks took a whimsical approach to their costumes, showing up in leopard prints and jungle-themed outfits. However, a few people, including top Italian designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua, said f*ck it and appeared in black tuxes, white gloves and blackface similar to that used by the racist black caricatures of days gone by.

Other inappropriate costumes included those of designer Paula Cademartori and Carlotta Oddi, Anna Dello Russo’s assistant, who came dressed as dark-skinned Egyptians. Photos of all the inappropriate attire were posted to Instagram and Twitter.




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