Teen Commits Suicide After Parents Ban Her From Facebook


17-year-old Aishwarya S. Dahiwal from Parbhani in the western Indian state of Maharashtra, sadly committed suicide on Wednesday night, October 23rd, after her parents banned her from using Facebook for the night.  Aishawarya was in her second year in college, and apparently got into an argument with her parents about using the social networking site, prior to her death.

Her parents denied her request because they felt as though Facebook was causing her to pay “less attention to her studies.”

At some point in the night she hanged herself, and wasn’t found until Thursday morning.  She left a note behind stating that it was her parents’ refusal to let her log onto Facebook that drove her to believe she had nothing left to live for.

Aishawarya’s father, Sunil Dahiwal, was greatly saddened and shocked by his daughter’s death, and spoke to India Real Time about the situation.

“We still can’t believe it. We are in deep shock.  We just wanted her to focus on her studies. We never thought she would ever take such a harsh step.”

Source: bossip.com


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