Biz Markie Announces 30/25 Tour With Big Daddy Kane And MC Lyte

Biz Markie

Biz Markie, Big Daddy Kane and MC Lyte are set to hit the road for the 30/25 tour.

The tour is celebrating each of the artists’ 30 years in the rap game, as well as the notable 25th anniversaries of Kane’s classic 1988 debut Long Live the KaneLyte as a Rock by MC Lyte, and Markie’s The Biz Never Sleeps, which houses his karaoke classic “Just A Friend.”

“We’re going everywhere, the last hoorah,” Markie said last Thursday (Oct. 24), as he hosted the unveiling of the Serato Digital Music Experience at the Brooklyn Guitar Center. “I’m bringing Swan out the closet—all my people. We always honor our people when they die; we’ve got to honor them while we’re still alive.”

One thing that’s for sure, “Just A Friend” will ring out at every venue.

“Usually when I make a record I know what the potential is going to be, but I didn’t know that ‘Just A Friend’ was going to be that big,” Markie said. “‘Just A Friend’ opened a world up where I never knew the difference between being a pop star and a regular rap star. It was crazy.”

Stay tuned for the schedule to the 30/25 Tour.

Source: 2dopeboyz


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