Girl Blasted For ‘Africa Themed’ Party Featuring Blackface And KKK (Photo)


An Australian woman is being slammed online for hosting an “African themed” party for her 21st birthday featuring revelers in blackface and wearing cartoonish jungle costumes.

The woman, identified only as Olivia, posted several pics from the party to Facebook in September, but they went viral after a Tumblr user reposted them last week.

Partygoers turned out dressed in black or brown body paint, Tarzan-style costumes and cheetah-print loincloths. Other wore dreadlock wigs, tribal-style paint, and other mock traditional tribal garb.


One guest even showed up in a hooded Klu Klux Klan costume.

“Attendees were all asked to wear ‘African themed’ clothing to depict the continent and this is what resulted… blackface, elephant and gorilla costumes, warpaint, native American headdresses (?!) and more…. I’m at a loss for words,” Tumblr user Black in Asia wrote.

“And yes, this is from 2013.”

The woman later took to Tumblr to defend herself.

“It was my ‘African themed’ party and it was honestly made that theme because I have always wanted to go to Africa (to teach english) but haven’t made it there yet,” she wrote.

“In no way was this party intended to hurt anyones (sic) feelings or upset anyone at all.”


“However, some guest did decide to paint themselves, although this was in no way my intention or encouraged in the slightest. I understand that this has offended some people and I have no idea how these photos have even been seen, they were simply put on facebook for my guests to see the photos of themselves,” she wrote.

Her Facebook and other social media accounts have since been deleted, reported.

Source: NYdailynews


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