Bluefield State College: The Whitest Historically Black College In America (Photo)



There are 106 Historically Black College & Universities in America. These schools are considered historically Black because since their inception, the population of the school has been predominately African-American.

Quiet as it’s kept, there are plenty of HBCU’s that are are just about mixed when it comes to the races that are present on campus. One school in particular might be the Whitest HBCU in the country.


Bluefield State College in West Virginia opened in the late 19th century as the Bluefield Colored Institute. The school was created to educate the children of black coal miners in segregated West Virginia. Although it still receives the federal funding that comes with its designation as a historically black institution, today Bluefield State College is 90 percent white. The road that separates those realities is as rocky as any story of racial transition in post-World War II America.


NPR did a great story on Bluefield, how the school went from being predominately Black to where it is now. Check out the full story here

Source: NPR


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