UK’s Version of Four Loko, Buckfast Has Scotland Going Crazy (Photo)


Buckfast-14 resize

Have you ever heard of Buckfast? Probably not, unless you’ve been in Scotland within the last few months. The best way to describe it as being the UK’s version of 4 Loko.

It’s described as a fortified tonic wine, that, while not crazy strong at 15 percent, has more caffeine by volume than Red Bull and is loaded with tons of sugar and other tasty chemicals.

Interestingly, it’s also made by a community of Benedictine monks living in Devon, England, which doesn’t seem very Christian or but I’m sure it makes the monks and the Lord subsequently,  buckets of money.


But Buckfast is also part of a bigger problem in Scotland, rampant alcoholism.

Read more about Buckfast and what it means to the young people in Scotland here

Source: Vice


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