Lee Daniel’s Next Film: A Gay Romantic Action Flick


As if “Precious” and his current smash hit, “The Butler” wasn’t controversial enough, Director Lee Daniels next film might top all those! (No pun intended)

Lee revealed to Out Magazine that his next movie will be an action hero movie that will include an interracial gay couple as the movie’s leads.

Daniel went on to describe the movie and said that he believed it to be a Mr. and Mrs. Smith type film but will have two attractive men as the leads instead. According to the interview, the director has already found the white member of the gay duo. He’s already asked Alex Pettyfer to be one of the leads in the movie.  Pettyfer recently starred in the movie Magic Mike which was about a male dance review. The actor is said to have taken on the role.

Daniels said he thinks the actor is “so hot” and is “so aware of his hotness.” He continued to gush saying “I love him to deαth.” The Precious director said that he is still looking for the right black guy to take on the opposite role. There is no word yet on who the other half of the duo will be.

Surprisingly, the director did reveal one of the movie’s major plot twist and said that audiences will not know the duo is gay until the end of the movie.  It is not clear why the well reviewed director would release such an important plot twists to the film, but he seems extremely excited about the entire project.

The movie is still in the very early stages of being developed and there is no other information about the movie released.

Source: Your Black World


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