Collectible Art At Street Prices: Banksy Sells Pieces For $60 (Photo)


New Yorkers who love a good bargain missed a golden opportunity Saturday, when the artist and provocateur Banksy, whose sly graffiti art adorns collectors’ walls, opened a sidewalk kiosk in Central Park to sell his work for $60 apiece.

With original signed art works zip-tied to the wire walls of his kiosk, Banksy set up shop next to stenciled signs reading, “Spray Art” and $60.” A video of the art sale shows the stall of Banksy’s work being staffed by a gray-haired man who yawns as he sits in a chair, being ignored.

His first sale came hours after opening, when a woman bought two canvases for her children. She negotiated a 50 percent discount on the pieces, according to the website of the anonymous artist who has sought to keep his appearance and identity a secret.

The offerings included small and large canvases, including a version of “Love Is in the Air.” A limited edition of that work sold for $249,000 at auction this summer.

Read more about Banky’s citywide yard sale here and watch a clip of the sale below


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