Directorial Debut: Miley Cyrus Offered $1 Million to Direct Adult Film

Miley Cyrus2

Miley Cyrus is still riding the wave that here twerk video created. Since she donned the unicorn costume and showed that she had some basic booty poppin skills, she’s released two hit songs, became the talk of the MTV VMA awards and hosted SNL. What’s next for the former Disney star? She might possibly be directing her first movie.

Adult film retailer GameLink decided to go in a different route when it comes to producing their films. Their goal isn’t to get a celeb to take the risk and be in an adult film. They’re looking for stars to direct their own films! According to TMZ  Miley Cyrus is being heavily recruited by the company to direct her first adult film. It’s reported that they have already offered her $1 million to do it.

They sent the offer along with a letter to Miley. In the letter they reference her being “empowered 21st century woman,” and called Sinead O’Connor jealous for attempting to bash Miley.

No word on if Miley will take the offer.

Source: TMZ



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