Black Panther Member Freed From Prison After 42 Yrs in Solitary (Video)

herman wallace2

71-year-old Herman Wallace was released from prison on Tuesday, October 1st, after spending the past 42-years in solitary confinement in the Louisiana State Penitentiary, known as Angola Prison.  He is dying of liver cancer and has only days to live.  Wallace was convicted of murdering a prison guard named Brent Miller in 1974 while serving time for armed robbery, and despite being convicted of the crime, many believed that he was innocent.  Even Brent Miller’s wife didn’t believe that Wallace committed the crime, and many feel as though the crime was pinned on him due to his ties to the Black Panther party.

herman wallace

He’s spent the last 42-years in a 6-by-9 foot prison cell for at minimum, 23 hours every day.  He’ll be able to breathe his final breaths as a free man.  Listen to his story above.

Source: Vlad TV


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