Call The Po-Lice: Officer Gets Beaten in Front of Crowd


Usually when someone is getting beat, it’s the cops doing the beating. Not this time though. 

An officer simply trying to do his job, received more than what he perhaps expected, when trying to detain a fair jumper near a train station platform.  Last week the cop was wrestled to the ground and pinned against a glass barrier and bench.  Surveillance cameras were able to capture it all on tape.

To the officer’s misfortune, there seemed to be more spectators than supporters.  The video shows a crowd of 7 watching the fight; one person even used her phone to record the incident.

Transit police Chief Thomas Nestel told WTXF-TV, “You know my immediate thought was ‘Shame on you – why don’t you use that phone to call 911?’”  Thankfully for the officer, a cashier, who noticed him fall to the ground called for help.

Washington, who has yet to return to work due to injuries he received during the incident, was allegedly thrown to the ground because suspect, Ernest Hays, was eluding arrest.  Policing is tough in Philadelphia, as surveillance video also captured two officers in plain clothes being beaten up in front of an even larger crowd.  This incident also happened last week.

Nestel claims that he is now “frightened” for his officers, especially when so many are reluctant to exercise their civic duty.   He said to WTXF-TV, “They go out every day, and they work really hard, and they try to make it safe for people… but they rely on people to help and we’re not getting that in return, and it’s starting to take its toll and it’s really concerning.”

A person outside of the station on the date of the incident said he believed that no one had called for help.  “This is the City of Brotherly Love, and this is going on?” the interviewee said. “Crazy.”

Source: BlackBlueDog


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