Shoe Thrown At Iran’s President Rouhani


We know that in the Middle East, someone throwing their shoes at you is a major sign of disrespect. We all remember what happened to George W. Bush that time. Well it looks like the Iranian President got the same treatment the former President got when he returned to Tehran.

A group of Iranian protesters, opposed to dialog with the United States, were at Tehran’s airport where Rouhani supporters had also gathered to welcome the president home, said Iran’s semi-official Fararu news agency said. . One of those protesters threw a show at the President.


Rouhani left the airport with his entourage without any further incident, and was accompanied by his supporters shouting, “Rouhani, Rouhani we support you,” according to Fararu.

Rouhani, who was in New York for the U.N. General Assembly, spoke by telephone Friday with U.S. President Barack Obama — the first direct conversation between leaders in Washington and Tehran since 1979.

Rouhani’s recent comments have raised hopes that a deal could be struck over the Iran’s controversial nuclear program.

Western leaders believe the country’s nuclear program is designed to produce weapons. Iranian leaders have said it is purely peaceful.

Source: CNN


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