Free Speech: Tunisian Rapper Klay BBJ Is Jailed For Insulting Police

Klay BBJ

You can say what you want about America, but freedom of speech is a real thing over here. The fact that we can disagree openly about the polices and politicians without worrying about the police being on your doorstep immediately should not be overlooked.

Take what happened to Tunisan rapper Klay BBJ.

The rapper was recently sent to jail after a short trial after he insulted authorities in his music.

Klay BBJ, whose real name is Ahmed Ben Ahmed, along with Ala Yaacoubi, have been here before. Ahmed and Yaacoubi were jailed back then for performing “The Police Are Dogs.”

The duo performed the song again in August and the judicial system reacted quickly.

In court, Klay BBJ said before being sentenced, “‘I am among the rappers most critical of the government and that is why [the authorities] are after me,’ he said. But the judge rejected his appeal and said the six-month sentence would begin immediately

As he was led out of court in Hammamet to a prison van his supporters chanted “Free Klay BBJ”, the Associated Press reports.

His lawyer, Ghazi Mrabet, said another appeal would be lodged. ‘It is a new injustice targeting artists. I will appeal and continue the fight,’ he told AFP.”

Yaacoubi, by the way, is also in trouble with the law, but he has gone into hiding.

Source: NPR


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