One Month Later: Montana Rapist And Former Teacher Due To Be Released After Serving 30 Days In Jail (Video)

Stacy Rambold

A former Montana high school teacher who has served a 30-day prison sentence for the rape of a teenage student was due to be released from prison on Thursday.

54-year old Stacey Rambold is set to leave prison after serving a controversial 30 day sentence for the rap of a student, Cherice Moralez 6 years ago. The 14-year old girl committed suicide in 2010. Her mother believes that her suicide was in part to the rape.

Rambold came into the national spotlight when the judge in his case sentenced him to 30 days saying that they girl seemed “older than her chronological age.”

When he does walk out of prison, he can expect to be met with a group of protesters who feel that his sentence was inadequate.

More than 58,500 people had signed an online petition by Thursday that demanded that Judge G. Todd Baugh, who imposed Rambold’s sentence of 15 years with all but 31 days suspended, resign his district court judge post. State law required Baugh to impose a mandatory minimum sentence of at least two years in prison, prosecutors argued, according to the AP.

On Sept. 6, the state Supreme Court blocked a move to have Rambold re-sentenced after prosecutors filed an emergency petition. Baugh said he misread state law before giving his initial sentence, but prosecutors say only Montana’s high court should be allowed to impose a new sentence.

Source: NBC News


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