Dr. Seuss, White Castle And Ashton Kutcher: Sen. Ted Cruz Uses 19 Hours To Explain His Disdain For Obamacare (Video)

Ted Cruz

The Senate floor is used to extra long filibusters. So what Texas Senator Ted Cruz did yesterday on the Senate floor was nothing new. I’m pretty sure that when he stepped to the podium, most of the senators called their wives and mistresses and told them that they’d be getting home late tonight.

Cruz was on a war path yesterday to up-hold the views of the new school Tea Party Conservatives and de-fund Obamacare. President Barack Obama’s landmark universal health care bill has been targeted for defeat by the GOP since it was passed. They’ve went to the Supreme Court, they’ve went to the court of public opinion. Every shot has been a miss. Matter of fact, Every shot has been an air ball.

The GOP won’t go down without a fight, even if that fight means shutting down the whole country! In the midst of trying to pass a new budget, the House of Representatives and their conservative majority sent up a budget proposal that insisted on taking away all funding for Obamacare. This proposal was deemed D.O.A the second it got to the mostly Democrat senate.

Before they would vote, some senators got a chance to speak. One of those was the outspoken Ted Cruz.

Cruz got up and for 19 hours came up with reason upon reason as to why this country can’t afford universal health care. The highlights of his speech included him reading Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” as he wished his children goodnight from the Capitol, his love for White Castle burgers and even commended actor Ashton Kutcher for a recent award show speech.  In between that, the freshman senator dipped into long monologues about his fierce opposition to President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Ted Cruz

Cruz wants that procedural vote to fail, because – if the final government funding bill subsequently passed, Democrats would simply strip out the part of the legislation that deals with Obamacare, kicking the clean bill back to the House. The truth is, he doesnt have enough allies to go with him.

So in actuality, what he was doing was a lot of posturing, showing off for the cameras pretty much.

It was entertaining though and I’m sure when he’s running for President in the future he’ll remind us of the day that he wasted 19 hours of peoples time.


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